Agreements / Spotlights

Learn about some of the most common Collective Agreement issues for nurses. UNA produces a collection of Spotlight posters that highlight important articles of your Collective Agreement.

Article 5: Dues
Applying for Leaves of Absence for UNA business175.15 KB
Time for New Member Orientation178.56 KB
Article 7: Hours of Work and Scheduling Provisions
Designated Days of Rest167.68 KB
Duty during meal breaks requires notice and proper pay169.42 KB
Employer can't change posted schedules175.58 KB
Reporting Pay for Full-time and Part-time employees171.19 KB
Requesting changes to days of rest182.05 KB
Article 8: Overtime
16 hours of work is the max163.92 KB
Don’t get talked out of your overtime176.92 KB
Overtime should be paid for time spent correcting Employer payroll errors179.99 KB
Paying out Overtime hours158.77 KB
Article 9: On-Call Duty/Call Back
14 days notice for changes to on-call period175.29 KB
Employees assigned on-call duty must be paid for telephone consultations186.56 KB
Get paid for every hour on-call172.30 KB
Requesting off-duty time166.09 KB
Article 13: Evaluations and Personnel File
Nurses should not be doing Managers work178.94 KB
Article 14: Promotions
Changing Full-Time Equivalent181.19 KB
Document your job164.04 KB
Article 16: Responsibility Allowance
Preceptor Allowance131.34 KB
Working In Charge?169.21 KB
Article 17: Vacations With Pay
Employer cannot unilaterally schedule vacations178.38 KB
Employer must indicate denial of vacation requests in writing175.00 KB
Employer must indicate denial of vacation requests in writing175.00 KB
Scheduling Vacations162.61 KB
Vacation approval delayed or pending153.55 KB
Article 18: Named Holidays
Canada Day never on a Sunday172.88 KB
Employees can carry over Stat banks174.26 KB
Employers cannot just pay out named holidays179.45 KB
Floater Holiday Payout128.12 KB
Overtime and Call Back worked on a Named Holiday190.42 KB
Part-time Employees have right to reschedule when a scheduled day falls on a named holiday191.31 KB
Article 19: Sick Leave
28 Days Notice before returning to work after long-term disability187.85 KB
Ability Management and Sick Leave147.01 KB
Employers must pay costs for Physician’s note180.74 KB
Protect your rights after an extended absence172.54 KB
Submitting proof of illness to the employer170.82 KB
Article 21: Employee Benefits
Appealing denied drug benefit claims177.20 KB
Benefits part-time and temporary employees162.88 KB
Article 22: Leaves of Absence
Five Days of Education Leave for work on a degree174.54 KB
Using Personal Leave Days148.69 KB
Article 29: Pension Plan
UNA members urged to claim their 2-per-cent RRSP or TFSA supplement165.80 KB
Article 30: Part-Time
Casual Employees eligible for overtime166.85 KB
Casual Employees eligible for overtime when they work beyond their scheduled shift hours182.57 KB
Casual Employees eligible for overtime when they work in excess 147.25 hours in a four week period185.91 KB
Casual Employees not required to work a minimum number of shifts187.53 KB
Part-time Employees working on scheduled days of rest184.40 KB
Payment for Additional Shifts167.68 KB
Article 34: Occupational Health and Safety
At what rate are OH&S Committee Members Paid178.99 KB
Article 35: Professional Development
Overtime for compulsory in-services on designated days of rest177.89 KB
Article 44: Mobility
Nurses protected from arbitrary moves162.17 KB
Temporary transfers in emergency circumstances164.01 KB
Voting in Municipal Elections158.98 KB
You can vote in elections147.40 KB
Letter of Understanding
Eligibility for Long Service Pay157.77 KB
Supervision of Health Care Aides154.85 KB

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